Mesothelioma in the United States

Ten thousand Americans die each year as a result of asbestos related diseases. Men are primarily the ones affected by asbestos-related diseases, and 1 out of every 125 men over the age of 50 who die will pass on as the result of asbestos exposure. NIOSH databases reveal that some 80% of deaths are in men. Most were exposed to asbestos, unaware of its dangers, in the workplace, as they processed asbestos or manufactured or utilized products that contained asbestos.

US Mesothelioma & Asbestosis Deaths

Deaths from Mesothelioma by Gender, 1999 & 2000
(source: NIOSH NORMS database1)
Gender 1999 2000
Male 1,995 2,043
Female 490 488
Sub Totals 2,485 2,531
Deaths from Asbestosis by Gender, 1999 & 2000
(source: NIOSH NORMS database1)
Gender 1999 2000
Male 1,225 1,439
Female 40 54
Sub Totals 1,265 1,493

Malignant mesothelioma and asbestosis (a non-cancerous, chronic respiratory disease) are two of the most familiar diseases attributed to asbestos exposure. The risk of lung cancer is also increased by exposure to asbestos and when coupled with cigarette smoking, dramatically increases the risk of lung cancer. The following charts outline deaths from asbestos-related diseases.

Deaths from Asbestos-related diseases
(source: EWG Action Group2)
Disease Number of deaths per year
Mesothelioma 2,509
Asbestosis 1,398
Lung Cancer 4,800
Gastrointestinal cancer 1,200
Total  9,907

The incidence of mesothelioma in the United States is not supposed to peak until 2015, a direct result of high asbestos exposure levels in the 1970s. Interestingly, although, the asbestos industry had finally accepted asbestos' danger the decade before (despite having been aware of its risks since the 30s), it was not until the early 80s that safety precautions of any merit were put in place.

Who is at increased risk for developing mesothelioma?

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