Clinical Trials

The medical community in the United States is actively seeking new treatments and better ways to use current treatments. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) sponsors clinical trials (research studies with people) that are designed to find these new treatments.

What is a clinical trial?
Before any new treatment can be recommended for general use, doctors conduct clinical trials to find out whether the treatment is safe for patients and effective against the disease. Participation in clinical trials is an important treatment option for many patients with mesothelioma, giving people access to the latest treatments in a carefully monitored environment.
People interested in taking part in a clinical trial should talk with their doctor. Information about clinical trials is available from the Cancer Information Service (CIS) or at 1-800-4-CANCER.
How can I find mesothelioma clinical trials?
You can view mesothelioma clinical trials at the Mesothelioma Center. Always speak with your mesothelioma doctor before begining any treatments.

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